Home Entertainment Classification

The Canadian Home Video Rating System (CHVRS) is a voluntary system administered by the Motion Picture Association – Canada, providing classification information for videos and DVDs that are distributed in the home entertainment market Canada. Ratings are provided by the Provincial Classification Boards and aggregated by the Motion Picture Association – Canada to provide a uniform CHVRS rating for the home entertainment market in Canada.

The CHVRS came into effect in May 1995, based on input from Canadian industry members, the Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association and the English-speaking Provincial Classification Boards. Film classifications in Quebec are not part of the CHVRS and are administered by the Régie Du Cinéma.

Through the use of a standardized rating system and recognizable classification symbols, the CHVRS has become a valuable resource for helping Canadian consumers choose which products to view, rent and purchase.

How to Use the CHVRS
Using the CHVRS is easy. Canadian consumers can search this site to locate valuable ratings information about a particular film.

Distributors can use this site and the information available through the distributor log-in to obtain key information on provincial film classification and proper calculation of the CHVRS ratings.