Creating Jobs and Economic Contributions

    Movies and TV shows are known for telling big stories that make a big impact, but the film and television industry isn’t just Hollywood. The film and television industry is a nationwide economic engine that is bringing new jobs and economic opportunities – and compelling entertainment content – to communities around the world.

    The strong and vibrant foreign and domestic production industry in Canada, composed of tens of thousands of creators and makers, serves as an economic engine, with benefits to national and local economies across Canada. In 2015 – 16, the total volume of ­film and television production was $6.76 billion, which accounted for 140,600 jobs. Further, ­film and television production generated a GDP of $8.5 billion for the Canadian economy in 2015 – 16.

    Total volume of Foreign Location Service (FLS) production in Canada in 2015-16 was $2.64 billion and was responsible for 54,900 FTEs, with three-quarters of all FLS projects in Canada originating from US producers. From costume designers to make-up artists, stuntmen to set builders, writers to actors, accountants to dry cleaners, special effects technicians to cinema ticket takers, and many more, the film and television production and distribution sector, like other creative sectors of the economy, creates a ripple effect on jobs and innovation in other industries.

    To learn more about the economic contribution of film and television production in Canada: Profile 2016: Economic Report on the Screen-based Media Production Industry in Canada

    For highlights from Profile 2016 Report, click here.

    Production Across Canada

    Warner Bros. It Hired 1,255 Cast and Crew Over 60 Days of Filming, Spent more than $28.9 million in Ontario

    Twentieth Century Fox’s War for the Planet of the Apes Contributed Over $81 million to the BC Economy

    Universal Cable Productions Eyewitness created an economic wave in Northern Ontario, production spending reached close to $30 million and created over 400 jobs in one season – MNP Economic Report

    Warner Bros. Arrow a huge hit for British Columbia’s economy, Spending over $360 million and creating over 7,000 jobs – MNP Economic Report

    Warner Bros. Suicide Squad spent over $80 million, boosting Ontario’s economy

    Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Bad Robot’s Star Trek Beyond spent over $69 million in British Columbia and created 3,925 jobs

    Premier Wynne, Mayor Tory, The Mark Gordon Company and ABC Studios announce production of two TV series set to film in Toronto

    Production of Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse spent over $105 million in Québec

    Huge economic boost for British Columbia from Warner Bros. Television’s Supernatural, Spending over $500 Million and 9,500 jobs created – MNP Economic Report

    Production of ABC’s Once Upon a Time generates over 5,500 jobs, results in spending of over $275 Million, and creates a boost in local tourism in British Columbia – MNP Economic Report

    Twentieth Century Fox’s Deadpool Boosts British Columbia’s Economy

    Production of NBCUniversal’s Suits creates over 2300 jobs in Ontario with spending over $100 Million – MNP Economic Report


    “The Economic Contribution of the Film and Television Sector in Canada” was commissioned by the Motion Picture Association – Canada, in collaboration with the Canadian Media Production Association, and conducted by Nordicity. Building on research released in Profile 2012: An Economic Report on the Screen-based Production Industry in Canada, this comprehensive study captures the impact of the entire industry value chain on the country’s economy, including the direct, indirect and induced impacts of film and television production and distribution, manufacturing, and distribution of content to consumers (e.g. exhibition, retail sales and rentals, television broadcasting, et cetera). The report also investigates spillover economic effects, such as film festivals, tourism and more.

    The entire film and television value chain in Canada supported 262,700 full time equivalent jobs (FTEs), generating $20.4 Billion in gross domestic production (GDP) across the Canadian economy and returning $5.5 Billion in tax revenue, $2.8 Billion in federal taxes and $2.7 Billion in provincial and local taxes.

    To learn more about the economic contribution of the film and television sector in Canada, click here.

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