Amidst rumor and speculation about a potential sequel or reboot in the works, movie-going audiences around the country this weekend will once again be asking “who you gonna call?” as Sony re-releases the hit 1984 comedy, “Ghostbusters,” in theaters. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Sony Electronics has joined up with Regal Entertainment Group and AMC Theaters to bring the ghost busting team to the theaters for a limited release on over 700 screens this Labor Day weekend in the United States and Canada.

“Ghostbusters” captivated audiences and took the world by storm when it first made its way into theaters. Grossing more than $291 million worldwide and earning two Oscar nominations – for its stunning visual effects and catchy, original song – this classic film lead to a sequel five years later, multiple hit animated cartoon series, numerous video games, merchandise and a tremendous amount of love and nostalgia that continues to this day.

But this is not any theater re-release. Embracing the latest in high-definition technology, Sony has re-mastered the film, and will play it in 4K resolution – meaning audiences will be able to watch these ghosts, ghouls and goblins come to life in a clearer and higher resolution than ever before.

4K is a fairly new technology that is becoming more and more recognizable in today’s ever evolving technological marketplace. Four times the resolution of today’s high definition, 4K uses about 8 million more pixels than current 1080p high definition television sets consumers are used to watching in their homes. A good way to picture this is if you played something in 1080p set on your 4K television or projector, it would only take up about a quarter of the entire screen.

Sony is not new to the 4K game. In fact, their first 4K projectors were available on the market as early as 2004 and the first home theater projector became available in 2012.

Following the limited theatrical release of the film, consumers will be able to purchase the 30th Anniversary Edition of “Ghostbusters” on Blue-ray starting September 16. The Blue-ray box set, which includes both “Ghostbusters” 1 and 2, will have been restored as well as re-mastered in 4K.

Pictured Above: Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis in “Ghostbusters” courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.