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    Canada Home Video Rating System

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      The Canadian Home Video Rating System (CHVRS) is a voluntary system administered by the Motion Picture Classification Corporation of Canada (MPCCC), providing classification information for discs (Blu-ray, DVDs) that are distributed in the home entertainment market in Canada. Ratings are provided by the Provincial Classification Boards and then aggregated under a system administered by the MPCCC to provide a uniform CHVRS rating for the Canadian home entertainment market.

      The CHVRS came into effect in May 1995, based on input from Canadian industry members, the Motion Picture Association – Canada and the English-speaking Provincial Classification Boards. Film classifications in Quebec are not part of the CHVRS and are administered by the Régie Du Cinéma.

      Through the use of a standardized rating system and recognizable classification symbols, the CHVRS has become a valuable resource for helping Canadian consumers choose which products to view, rent and purchase.

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    How to Use It

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      Heading to a retailer or staying in for family movie night and need information quickly? Using the CHVRS is easy. Canadian consumers can search the database to locate valuable ratings information about a particular motion picture which is now available in the home entertainment market.

      Distributors can use this site and the information available through the distributor log-in to obtain key information on provincial film classification and proper calculation of the CHVRS ratings.