Production of Disney’s “Tomorrowland” Responsible for $91.9 Million in Spending, Over 1,800 Jobs in British Columbia

“What if there was a place, a secret place, where nothing is impossible. Would you want to go?” asks George Clooney in the Tomorrowland trailer.  Turns out that place is closer than you might imagine.  In fact, it’s right here in Canada.

Production of Tomorrowland took place in 67 communities across the province including Enderby, Armstrong, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby, Delta and Langley.

“BC offered some of the world’s most spectacular scenery to the filmmakers creating the world of Tomorrowland, and Tomorrowland brought a boost to local economies across BC” said Wendy Noss, Executive Director of the Motion Picture Association – Canada. “From sets built in a field in the North Okanagan, to filming at stages, schools, parks, and landmarks throughout Vancouver, the production of Tomorrowland benefitted a wide range of BC businesses and residents.  Tomorrowland is a great example of the kind of employment opportunities and substantial economic benefits generated by film and television production throughout beautiful British Columbia.”

An analysis conducted by MNP LLP  assesses the economic impact of the filming of Tomorrowland in BC and finds that the film supported over 1,800 full time equivalent jobs (FTEs) and was responsible for $91.9 million in direct production expenditure in the province.  Between August 2013 and January 2014 alone, the production engaged over 1,100 vendors across BC.

The production received approximately $21.8 million in support through BC tax incentives (an additional $4.6 million in tax incentives from the federal and other provincial governments).  The investment by the province of BC is estimated to have resulted in the following economic benefits:

  • $6.96 in economic output for every dollar of BC tax incentive received by the production.
  • $5.22 in provincial GDP for every dollar of BC tax incentive received by the production.
  • 85 full-time equivalent positions for every $1 million of BC tax incentive received by the production.

The movie opens in theatres tomorrow and local residents, cast, and crew will celebrate the production tonight with a special advance screening hosted by Disney at the Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver.

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